Live at Morgan Manor


LIVE at MORGAN MANOR is a raw home recording, captured on an old eight-track & a handful of stray microphones, strewn across the floorboards of Morgan Manor, Newcastle. This warm Winter’s afternoon was a reunion, a rehearsal & a soup feast. The recording was an experimental idea, from minds wet with wine— though upon listening, Miss Jones decided to release the tracks until a studio project ensues.


"The highlight of the recording would certainly be 'Never Say Never', which is in fact the first time the song was ever played. I wrote the song on a road trip from San Francisco to LA. At the first chance to jam with the fellas back home, I handed them some chords, sang out the structure & away we went. This song came to life very quickly, you can hear the birth in the recording. I’m glad we were able to capture the bare, unedited form of this song"



All songs written by Georgie

DRUMS- Tim Evans
BaSs- Brennan Fell
Guitar- Marty Burke  
Guitar & SLide- Jason Lowe   

Mixing by Clint Topic @ Sawtooth Studios

Mastering by Ben Wever @ Ordio ProductionS



Ruminator Audio STUDIO Session


Recorded by Monte Vallier & Printz Board @ Ruminator Audio, San Fransisco

Guitar- Tal Morris
Bass- Ian Montgomery
Drums- Rob Hooper
Trumpet- John Gibson

Produced by Printz BoarD

Mastering By Steve Smart @ 301 studios