Live at Morgan Manor



LIVE at MORGAN MANOR is a raw & intimate home recording. It was captured on a warm winters afternoon with an old eight-track & a handful of stray microphones in the sun lit rooms of Morgan Manor, Newcastle. This session was a reunion & a rehearsal, a basic recording for the band to have reference. Though upon listening, Miss Jones decided to release the tracks & share the afternoon's recording until a studio project begins.


"The highlight of the EP would certainly be 'Never Say Never', which actually captures the first time the song was ever played. I wrote the song on a bus from San Francisco to LA, in late 2016. At the first chance to jam with the boys back home, I handed them some chords, sang out the structure & away we went. I am very fortunate to play with such talented musicians. We all understand each other musically, we are sensitive to each others taste & styles. This song came to life very quickly, you can hear the birth in the recording. I feel very lucky to have captured the unedited, pure form of this song"



All songs written & sung by Georgie Jones

DRUMS- Tim Evans
BaSs-Brennan Fell
Guitar- Marty Burke  
Guitar & SLide- Jason Lowe   

Mixing by Clint Topic @ Sawtooth Studios

Mastering by Ben Wever @ Ordio ProductionS



Ruminator Audio STUDIO Session



Recorded by Monte Vallier & Printz Board @ Ruminator Audio, San Fransisco

WRitten & SUng by Georgie Jones
Guitar- Tal Morris
Bass- Ian Montgomery
Drums- Rob Hooper
Trumpet- John Gibson

Produced by Printz BoarD

Mastering By Steve Smart @ 301 studios